Best Practices

Rehabilitation Centre for Leprosy (R.C.L.) grant @ Rs. 1800/- per month per head has been got sanctioned from Govt. of Delhi for about 1350 persons. This is the highest quantum of grant in comparison with other states in the country. FOLOhad to pursue this matter for several years. Finally the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi agreed to enhance this grant. FOLO isstill pursuing the matter to get this grant linked up with living cost index and enhance this in consonance to the rise in cost index, twice a year as is done in case of Govt. employees.

As a result of tireless efforts made by FOLOby launching Satyagrahs, agitating matters before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi and the Hon’ble Supreme Court, one hundred (100) residential houses, each consisting of two rooms + one toilet+onebath room + one kitchen + one lobby + front verandah etc.have been constructed for LAPs in Leprosy Complex Tahirpur, Shahdara, Delhi. Construction of such houses is unprecedented in India if not in the whole world. FOLO is trying to get similar houses constructed for other LAPs in Delhi and rather in other parts of India.

Civic facilities in 6 leprosy centers of New Delhi and the Leprosy Complex, Tahirpur, Shahdara, Delhi,have been upgraded as per orders of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi passed in C.C.P. No. 224/2004, filed by Kusth Asha Deep Federation which is one of the constituents of FOLO.

Various projects for self-employment have been started in many leprosy centers on our initiative by NGOs both national and international, for livelyhood of LAPs and to stop their dependence on begging, charity, donations etc.

Where we work

We are working for networking of about 800 leprosy colonies in the country. We have already collected details about their colonies such as

  • Total number of residents, showing males, females and their children, so..
  • Facilities made availableto them by the respective Govts. and Public Authorities including.
  • Allotment of land.
  • Providing residential accommodation and common utility buildings,
  • Civic facilities such as water, electricity supply, construction of toilets, bathrooms,streets, drainage system besides
  • Financial help to those who cannot earn their livelihood and
  • Help the LAPs in getting them employment/self-employment, as well as education of their children.