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Federation Of Leprosy Organizations (FOLO)is a society registered under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860. This is a national level Federation an apex organization, of more than 800 registered Leprosy Organizations practicaly one in each of the leprosy colonies, situated in various states and union territories of India. In around 200 leprosy colonies, FOLO has taken up intensive work for the socio-economic empowerment of Leprosy Affected Persons (LAPs) and members of their families. FOLO is basically working with the kind support from the Emmanuel Mission, Kota, India. Archbishop Late Dr. M.A. Thomas Padma Shree of the Emmanuel Mission, Kota, a great visionary, philanthropist and social activist, had been himself working and inspiring people to work in the field of leprosy.Dr. Dutt was also inspired by Dr. M.A. Thomas. Presently Dr. Samuel Thomas, Auxiliary Archbishop of Emmanuel Mission, is following suit Dr. M.A. Thomas. The Emmanuel leprosy charitable trustfounded by Dr. Samuel is also working in close cooperation with FOLO. One of the greatest achievement of FOLO is networking of all the800 leprosy colonies in India, collecting data and statistics about the residents of these colonies besides their living conditions, problems and grievances. The data and statistics thus collected has been compiled state wise. this gives useful information for taking up the problems and demands of the LAPs with the Govts./Public Authorities, NGOs and Social Activists, for redressal of the same.This is unparallel and unprecedented achievement of FOLO.

FOLO has been taking following action programmes, to help the LAPs:-
  • Place their demands and problems before the Govts./Public Authorities, through letters and by holding meetings with them.
  • Organizing rallys demonstrations etc. to highlight the demands and to attract attention of the concerned authorities.
  • Organizing peaceful Satyagrahs etc. on Gandhian pattern.
  • Agitating matters before the High Courts or the Supreme Court of India.
  • Around 800 organization of LAPs are being assisted by FOLO in their work for the welfare of theresidents of the leprosy colonies.
  • FOLO has accomplished the herculean task of networking ofaround 800 Leprosycolonies and identifying their problems and demands.
  • The details about these colonies/their organizations have been collected and printed in state wise booklet. In more than 200 leprosy centers FOLO is doing intensive work for socio-economic empowerment of LAPs and members of their families.
  • FOLO has also been fighting against rampant corruption and misappropriation of funds allocated for the leprosy work / Leprosy Affected Persons (LAPs).
  • In addition to various other steps to deter officers from defrauding these funds, FOLO has filed criminal cases against the corrupt senior Govt. Officers and businessmen who are involved in pocketing the funds allotted for leprosy work.
  • Complaints/several matters filed by FOLO are being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Wing of Police. Some cases are already under trial before the Special Courts.
  • Matters have also been agitated by FOLO or its constituent unit Kusth Asha Deep Federation (KAF) before the Hon’ble High Courts/Apex Court for the welfare of LAPs and members of their families.
  • FOLO has also filed several Writ Petitions before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and High Courts for the welfare, Socio-Economic Empowerment (SEE), health care, employment/self-employment, housing, financial support etc. for LAPs, and for education/employment of their children.

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Focus of FOLO has been on Socio-Economic Empowerment (SEE) of Leprosy Affected Persons, eradication of stigma and removing discrimination against them, inculcate a feeling of self-confidence and invoking urge for better life and education of their dependents. FOLO has been making efforts to help them avail benefits, to which they are entitled undervarious Govts. policies and schemes.


Our Mission / Aim / Vision

FOLO is looking up to a day when leprosy is eliminated from India as defined by WHO, i.e. 1 or less than 1 leprosy afflicted person per 10,000, population besides working for removing of stigma of Leprosyrepeal of discriminatory proviso against LAPs, from various legislations, Govt. rules and regulations etc., Socio-Economic Empowerment (SEE) Information, Education, Communication (IEC) about leprosy and for providing medical facilities and welfare measures for the LAPs.